News: 16 July 2019World’s tallest building to be built out of shipping containers approved

An office block in East London will be the ‘tallest building in the world’ to be built out of reclaimed shipping containers after our planners secured permission for its go-ahead.

The nine-storey development for The Estate Office with 2,988 sqm of office space, granted planning approval by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council, will be fabricated off-site from reclaimed shipping containers before they are installed on site in Whitechapel.

Working alongside designers from Patalab Architecture, our planners ensured the new car-free development reached BREAAM Excellent status, while the construction cost through modular techniques will be around 30% less than traditional technique allowing for the creation of a hub for start-up businesses.

Senior Planner Andy Pearce said: “By utilising off-site construction methods and non-traditional building materials in the shape of reclaimed shipping containers we have been able to ensure the new office-space supports a cost-effective working environment for business start-ups through an innovative re-use of reclaimed materials. This all sits alongside the sustainable measures that will be put in place once the construction phase is complete, which is expected to be as short as ten months.”

As well as being the ‘tallest building in the world to be built out of reclaimed shipping containers’, the development also has the added special element in that it is rare for such buildings to be granted permanent planning permission. Instead shipping containers are traditionally only granted ‘meanwhile use’ planning permission.

The containers used in the unique development will be treated with a unified cladding and ‘softened’ with glazed balconies and planting, will be stacked in a gridded arrangement. Meanwhile the interior colour scheme will be inspired by freight company colours and the walls lined with corrugated metal.

Image: Patalab

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