News: 17 July 2020From urban streets & ‘grey desert’s’ to greenspaces

Bringing our recent research for the National Trust and partners of the Future Parks Accelerator to life, our landscape architects have reimagined urban streets and 'grey deserts', transforming them into lush green paradises.

Our research uses data from our Greenkeeper tool to highlight how a £5.5bn capital investment in green infrastructure, would deliver £200bn in physical health and wellbeing benefits to the most disadvantaged communities, in tandem with the active travel, biodiversity, carbon capture and air quality enhancements green infrastructure provides in support of our journey towards net zero. And we recommend doing this through upgrading key existing parks and greenspaces, greeing urban neighbourhoods and creating large scale regional parks and forests in the urban fringe.

Here's some of our teams ideas with the values they could offer....

A new street park for Leeds - This dense urban street in Hairhill in Leeds could be transformed into a street park as shown, for a cost of £3.3m per km, (including maintenance). Local communities would reap significant physical health and wellbeing benefits as well as air pollution reduction equating to £3 for every £1 spent.

A new park for Coventry – The transformation of this redundant underpass in central Coventry would provide a key green link from the town centre to existing Naul’s Mill Park, and an exciting new green landscape for local people. New urban parks like this in areas deprived of greenspace could deliver over £34m in physical health benefits and £59m in wellbeing value to local communities.

A transformed dual carriageway for Reading – As proposed in the Reading 2050 Vision, the transformation of Reading’s ring road (IDR) into  a new urban park could offer residents of the town, crucial access to extensive, connected green infrastructure. New urban parks like this could offer a 4:1 return on investment due to the huge physical health and wellbeing value to local communities generated, alongside precious carbon capture and air pollution reduction.

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