Vivienne Lauder

Development Economics Senior Socio-Economics Analyst

Vivienne joined Barton Willmore in 2007.  In her role as Senior Socio-Economics Analyst within the national Development Economics team, she has responsibility for the production of EIA regulated Population and Human Health assessments and standalone Socio-Economic assessments.  In addition, she produced Local Services Sustainability Assessments; Health Impact Assessments; Open Space Assessments; Care Needs Assessments and a variety of evidential reports including Community Impact Assessments; Market Signals analysis; Housing Mix Assessments and Settlement Hierarchy analysis.

She also is an experienced Geographical Information System (GIS) analyst, operating the BW in-house GIS system to provide mapping and analytical support to her own and colleague’s Assessment work but also providing geospatially referenced analysis Practice-wide, including thematic, constraints and site-specific mapping.

Vivienne is an Associate of the RTPI and has Affiliate membership of IEMA.