Norwich Airport Masterplan

Our teams have been working with Norwich Airport to produce a masterplan for its growth over the next 30 years. Having worked with the airport for a number of years, we have already secured permission for a 1,000,000 sqft Aeropark in the North of the airport, and our team provided EIA and consultation services for the creation of a high powered engine testing facility, which opened in October 2016.

The latest masterplanning of the airport is being conducted in parallel to promotion of the airport in the emerging Greater Norwich Local Plan. With passenger levels set to continue growing, the masterplan not only aims to address this increased capacity for the East of England, but also the airports future diversification and its role within the transport industry. This includes the offshore oil, gas and renewables industries in the North Sea.

Our team have led consultations with businesses, political leaders, users/operators and the public and the resulting vision was subject to consultation in Summer 2017.


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