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Dan Mitchell

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At the Place North West conference I gave a short presentation, which debated the development potential of the towns that circulate around the M60 motorway. These are the places like Salford West, Ashton, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Altrincham and Stockport, part of the Greater Manchester conurbation, but which are also standalone centres in their own right.

Unlike recent property breakfast meetings and conferences that celebrate the success of Manchester city centre and focus on the ubiquitous growth of PRS, this event focused around an acknowledgement and common understanding between delegates that the M60 towns around Greater Manchester face different issues. With challenging socio-economics, the common theme in the room was that they are in need of a bit of an ‘oomph’.

The facts are clear. Whilst Manchester’s central area has thrived over the last 10 years, a trend that is seemingly endless, the M60 towns have had to adapt. Often struggling to compete with out-of-centre retail schemes around the M60 and, in some cases, actually competing with each other over the same occupiers, development has been a bit stop-start. Coupled with this is the fact that many of the M60 towns have large, public sector employment bases that have felt the impact of deep cuts. Despite the challenges, dogged determination and flexible approaches have meant that these locations are changing, and with it they offer savvy investors and developers great returns.

All of the M60 towns benefit from ever-improving connectivity. At the conference, Transport for Greater Manchester outlined the significant investments being made to Metrolink improvements: new rail-station hubs and, for the first time, a joined-up infrastructure strategy that will create multi-modal transport hubs offering choice. The Northern Powerhouse gels together this work, bringing together transport operating companies under one roof and providing an Oyster-type card that will create a free flow of movement.

Many of the town centre projects have now evolved and it was great to hear how Rochdale and Stockport have managed to continue to attract new anchors into their town centres, while in Trafford, Altrincham Market and the Market House food hub have transformed trading in the town.

Perhaps the next challenge is for the M60 towns to look towards improving the new residential offer. The M60 towns can be the new neighbourhoods of Greater Manchester, providing aspirational and family housing and great schools all within commuting distance of the city’s core jobs market.

You can read the full write-up from the M60 towns development conference here.

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