Intelligence: 13 April 2017Local Plans Update: Fylde

Having participated at the recent Fylde Local Plan Examination, we received the Inspector Yvonne Wright’s interim position statement this week following the first set of hearings. In short the following points arose:

  • While the Duty to Co-operate is satisfied, Fylde does need to consider a mechanism and ‘commitment’ to the specific action it will take in meeting any unmet needs from Wyre. An early review could perhaps be a solution for this.
  • The Objectively Assessed Housing Need needs to be updated taking into account 2014-based projections which were released last year, the economic scenarios and market signals. While this is not a full new SHMA, it will most likely be another Addendum.
  • The development strategy including the housing distribution model needs rethinking.
  • The Council needs to clarify Policy DLF1 and the definition of sites.
  • Modifications also requested.


This will no doubt signal a delay to the Examination progress, yet what that timeframe will be is yet to be seen. Much will depend on the Council’s response and speed of turnaround in addressing the above points, therefore we will be awaiting progress eagerly.

If you had any questions or would like further information on the examination progress, please contact Dan Mitchell.

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