Intelligence: 1 May 2020National Infrastructure Map

Welcome to the Barton Willmore National Infrastructure Map - your quick, intuitive starting point for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

From here you can find out more about any current or past Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project handled by The Planning Inspectorate, including links to further information published by the The Planning Inspectorate and the promoter.

The map has quick links to the Planning Inspectorate and promoter project pages to help you track projects through the pre-application and examination stages.

Its interactivity enables you to zoom into specific locations, focus by project stage, and hover over or click the pins to find links to more information.

We've also colour coded the projects so you can focus on energy, transport, water, waste water and waste.

If you'd like to know more about the development consent process for nationally significant infrastructure projects, explore whether your project requires or would benefit from development consent, or you have an interest in a development consent project please feel free to contact either Ben or Tom in our Infrastructure and Energy team - see details below.

The map is based on information published by the Planning Inspectorate, and we monitor and update it as projects are added or progressed on their web pages. Linear schemes are marked by a point in the route, so please refer to the promoter’s website for full details. Information is published in good faith and Barton Willmore is not responsible for the accuracy of information published, however we welcome any feedback you have.‚Äč


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