Intelligence: 24 November 2017What lies beneath the NIC priorities?

The first consultation stage of the National Infrastructure Assessment into the priorities for UK infrastructure over the next 20 – 30 years is now under-way, following the publication of the National Infrastructure Commission’s interim report last month. The 218-page report is arranged around the three ‘C’s – Congestion, Carbon and Capacity (digital and energy). 
"Some will argue that these themes are nothing new and are well-known issues for UK businesses and residents. I would tend to agree with that sentiment, however, the interim report takes these three issues much further through the work done by the group to date and a number of innovative suggestions for the future. Suggestions which show a level of independent, innovative, and informed thinking, that would never have come from central government in my view. As such, I believe this is where the real value of this Commission lies for England, and potentially Wales and Scotland too, if they can catch up!" Ben Lewis, Infrastructure Director
In this report our Infrastructure and Energy team provide a summary and review of the detailed report and its recommendations, to help us all understand what lurks beneath the surface of the C’s.

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