Intelligence: 8 January 2019THE GMSF REVISED DRAFT

We are encouraged to report that the much anticipated Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) Revised Draft 2019 is to be discussed at the Joint GMCA and AGMA Executive Board meeting on Friday (11 January 2019).

Dan Mitchell, Manchester Partner said: "We’re pleased to see the GMSF is finally taking a step forward. Despite a reduction in the housing target, there’s no doubt that supply of land and density will continue to be hotly debated now that there is an even greater emphasis on town centres and brownfield land delivering housing and employment growth - take the Stockport MDC Area for example. 

“Now that the framework is back on its feet, we hope that pace will not unravel as we move closer to local elections this May. Two years in the making, Greater Manchester now needs a commitment to its vision to support economic growth in the region.” 

The papers prepared for the meeting confirm that the 2019 draft continues to progress as a joint Development Plan Document to set out the proposed approach to housing and employment growth across Greater Manchester over the next 20 years. Read our initial overview of the 1000+ pages that have been published to date.



As featured within Estates Gazette and Planning.

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