Intelligence: 25 January 2021The Revised Standard Method: Our response

In August 2020, Government consulted on their proposed ‘Changes to the current planning system’. Part of this consultation was a proposal to revise the Standard Method for calculating minimum housing need, for all local authorities across the country. The new methodology resulted in need of approximately 337,000 homes per annum nationally, thereby suggesting that Government’s long-held ambition to deliver 300,000 homes per annum would be realised.

Following the conclusion of consultation in October however, the Government published further revisions to methodology, or what some commentators described as the ‘mutant algorithm’, in December 2020. These changes reflect a return to the methodology first consulted on in September 2017 for most authorities, but with a further 35% uplift to the figure generated by the Standard Method to those urban local authorities in the top 20 cities and urban centres list published by ONS. The resultant national need generated by these changes falls from the 337,000 homes per annum consulted on in August, to approximately 297,000 homes per annum.

Here, our Development Economics team look into the implication of the revisions and set out the two key questions they believe we, as an industry need to consider.

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