Intelligence: 20 December 2016Ministerial Statement - Neighbourhood Planning

On 13th December a Ministerial Statement was released which effectively strengthens neighbourhood plans in areas where the local authority does not have a five-year housing land supply.

Mark Sitch, Senior Partner responds “Many will be asking today how a one page statement can change the National Planning Policy Framework overnight. The conflict between the two policies is huge, and it opens up immediate – and serious – implications for those trying to deliver the Government’s stated housing target. Barwell is clearly bending to the will of local MPs and councillors, but it’s the development industry that should have his ear – and they are not going to like this latest u-turn. Taking the pressure off Councils to maintain a five year supply of housing will not help the objective of a step-change in housing delivery. By shifting the goalposts, the Government is simply putting more obstacles in the way of housing delivery – and ramping up the pressure too.”



We have produced a quick and easy to use guide as to when this new guidance will apply. We expect further clarification on the details as individual cases are tested through the application and appeals/ high court processes.


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