News: 25 April 2017New homes given green light at former Southall car dealership

Our Planning, Architecture and Landscape Planning teams have secured a resolution to grant planning permission on behalf of Galliard Homes for the redevelopment of a disused car dealership and service workshop to provide 170 high quality apartments.

The development, which sits within an Opportunity Area and Housing zone, is just 400m away from Southall Railway Station and will provide an attractive gateway to the newly regenerated area.

As well as providing 52 affordable homes, the scheme has been designed to incorporate environmentally sustainable technologies, including green roofs, solar photovoltaic panels and a future-proofed connection to a wider District Heating Network for the area.

With Crossrail services arriving in Southall towards the end of 2019, the need and capacity for news homes is extremely important for this growing area.


London Planning Director, Justin Kenworthy, said: “Throughout the process, maintaining a balance between optimising the capacity of the site, whilst preserving good quality living conditions for future residents has been so important. In total over 30% of the homes will be Affordable, and landscaped gardens and play space will be created to ensure an attractive living environment.”

Greg Mahon, Senior Landscape Planner, who prepared the TVIA, adds: “The scheme focuses on a respect for the area’s existing character, while balancing a density that represents strong growth ambitions. Demonstrating that the proposal accords with the tall buildings strategy and the design guidelines set out in the Southall Opportunity Area Planning Framework has been key, and the massing has been carefully considered to reflect this.”

The London Borough of Ealing’s Planning Committee resolved to grant planning permission for the scheme in April 2017 and work is aimed to be completed by 2019 to maximise the benefits of the news Crossrail station.

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