News: 20 August 2018Clients 'Mock the map' at our Edinburgh Fringe party

Clients and staff came together at our Edinburgh office at their annual celebration of the City’s Fringe Festival.

Guests were entertained by two headline act comedians and got to put their mark on Edinburgh in a new hand-illustrated map.

The 100 attendees at the event laughed their way through some hilarious one-liners and funny stories from Mock the Week regular, Zoe Lyons. The comedian had the audience in stitches, while local comedian and Scottish Comedian of the Year, Rosco McClelland, shared his tales of tales woo.



As well as moments of hilarity, guests were also put to work when they were asked to input their ideas on a new hand-illustrated map that is being created by our Graphic Communications team. More than 50 sticky notes were left on the map that showed hidden gems and local landmarks that the team could then draw and add to a completed map that will be sold to raise money for local charity, Social Bite.

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