News: 18 December 2018Planning permission secured for a new community in Melksham

Our Architecture and Bristol Planning team have secured detailed planning permission for 447 homes in Melksham, Wiltshire on behalf of Bloor Homes and Hallam Land. The scheme includes a new link road that runs along the southern edge of Melksham which will connect the new development to the Clackers Brook development to the north and Spa Road to the east.  

The development layout has retained almost all of the landscape hedgerows on-site and provides a generous area of open space in the centre of the scheme, creating a walkable green network of pedestrian and cycle links throughout the site. The design has also responded sensitively to Bower Hill Lodge Farm, a listed building located adjacent to the site, by providing a wide landscape margin against the western boundaries to facilitate new tree and hedgerow planting.

Design Director Jacques Toerien said: “By working alongside the Urban Design Officer, we were able to revise the designs, focussing on positive place making by putting people and landscape first. This led to a development that is well-connected with the surrounding area and provides positive frontage and outlook to the north, west and south of the site while respecting the setting of Bower Hill Lodge Farm to the east”

Planning Director Peter Roberts said: “We are delighted that Planning Permission has been granted. Working in partnership with the Local Authority and Urban Design Officer has been key to ensuring this is the correct scheme for the area.”

Construction will begin on-site in the new year and 447 homes in total will be built.

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