News: 23 August 2018Scottish Planning Bill Survey – we need you



Alongside our clients we have been monitoring the Planning Bill (Scotland) Review at all stages of the process in order to gain an understanding on how the Bill may affect the delivery of development in Scotland. 

Whilst undertaking this review process, it came to our attention that fundamental changes have occurred through the key stages of the Planning Review (i.e. between the initial changes from May 2016, the Places, People and Planning Consultation Paper in January 2017, the Planning (Scotland) Bill in December 2017 to what is now being proposed through the Local Government & Communities Committee Stage 1 Report in May this year).


To highlight these fundamental changes, a 'Direction of Change' Table has been created and can be found here.


Colin Lavety, Planning Director at Barton Willmore, said: “Whilst we acknowledge that the debate is moving fast, as we speak, more than 90 proposed amendments to the Bill have now been proposed, and therefore the system may end up being fundamentally different to that reflected in our survey, but we feel it is important to analyse how the emerging Bill (at this current time) sits against the stated aims and intentions at the start of the process.”

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