News: 7 January 2020What next for the London Plan?

Following the Mayor’s published response to the Inspector’s recommendations for the Draft London Plan, our teams have been pouring over the detail and considering how it impacts developments at all scales, London wide and beyond.

The headline aspects of Sadiq Khan’s response to the Inspector’s examination response include;

  • an agreement to the proposed 20% reduction in London’s overall annual housing target (649k to 522k);
  • a rejection of their call for the London Plan to commit to a green belt review and indeed the retention of a blanket ban on greenbelt development;
  • a rejection of their calls for a more positive strategic framework for the provision of industrial capacity, as opposed to the Mayor’s ‘no net loss’ in strategic industrial locations or locally significant industrial sites; and
  • a rejection of their call for Khan to remove the Plan’s opposition to Heathrow expansion ‘unless it shows no additional noise or air quality harm would result’.

The Secretary of State has 6 weeks (until the 20th January) to consider these proposals and either approve or reject, but what would the London Plan mean for developers, investors and Local Authorities if it were to be adopted on the 21st January? Specialists in our teams are taking a closer look over the next few weeks and will publish five detailed analyses, over the days leading up to this deadline focusing, in turn, on;

As the reports become available, you will be able to access them by clicking the relevent topic from the above list.

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