News: 15 January 2021One Powerhouse Draft Spatial Plans

Yesterday saw the launch of the One Powerhouse Draft Spatial Plans. These plans will be vital in swiftly guiding government and local authorities to make the right decisions in the right places for the economy to recover and then grow.

Following on from our work with the UK 2070 Commission, our teams have helped to prepare the South West and Midlands Plans, alongside One Powerhouse and the RSA.

Partner Simon Prescott said, “The One Powerhouse project demonstrates exactly what can be achieved if we are able to bring forward a proper programme of spatial planning. It provides a routemap for kick-starting the levelling up agenda, and we hope that the Government and the National Infrastructure Commission will heed this call for real change.  

“The way to tackle regional inequality does not lie just in increasing funding, but targeted investment and collaboration with communities – in other words: proper spatial planning. Levelling up is about connecting people and encouraging collaboration from the bottom up rather than imposing strategies from above. We need carefully thought-out local and regional plans tied together by a guiding national framework that looks at the longer-term and at the larger geographic picture. 

“With this in mind, One Powerhouse is pioneering a ‘new regionalism’ – charting comprehensive spatial planning blueprints for four mega-regions: the North of England, the Midlands, the South East, and the South West. This type of holistic strategy that looks at larger regions in the longer term will bring wider benefits that would be unachievable through sporadic investment. Our plans are able to look more broadly at how to achieve progress for the environment, for the economy, for connectivity, and even for regional culture. But this work is just beginning, and charts a course that must now be followed. We’ll strive to work alongside national and local government to ensure that the right decisions are being made for every region, every time.”

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