News: 14 March 2022We've been shortlisted for Goram Homes' design competition

An inter-disciplinary team of Architects, Masterplanning,  Urban and Graphic Designers from our Bristol office have been shortlisted for an architectural competition to unlock the potential of a unique site within Bristol City Centre.

The competition, commissioned by Goram Homes and the Bristol Housing Festival, tasked designers to explore the potential of building above a water source heat pump currently under construction in Castle Park. Of the 37 entries, the judges shortlisted five designs to be developed further with the clients and wider project team.

Initialy, their proposal aspired to create a framework for future development in the city, acting as a catalyst to address the climate, housing and skills crisis, placing Bristol front and centre as a beacon for positive change. The concept centred around the idea of a terrarium, a multi-functional micro-ecosystem that created and nurtured an ideal environment for life. This terraria creates a layered response to the site, embedding within it socio-economic values, community engagement, low carbon and net-zero strategies and enhanced biodiversity with the purpose of creating an exemplar proposal for urban living. 

The dedicated team went on to further develop their proposals for Stage 02 of the competition from their initial concept, which focused on the creation of a micro-ecosystem that had a layered response to the site, embedding within it a key aspiration to create an exemplar proposal for urban living. The developed submission sought to build upon this, factoring in the initial feedback received alongside the stakeholder engagement workshop that was undertaken as part of the competition process. The team specifically looked to focus on how the proposal meets the ground and connects to Castle Park and the River, achieving this in conjunction with illustrating their logic and process to how our aspirations can become a reality. 

The developed submission focused around three key themes - Civic, Abode and Habitat, and featured a combination of complementary uses including homes (in the region of 100), co-working spaces, shops, natural lido and a rooftop bar, embedded within a biophilic design which looks to embody biodiversity at every layer. Their approach sought to utilise the site’s key location to maximise building height to unlock the site for biodiversity and socio-economic enhancement with the inclusion of a ground floor forum comprising a marketplace and natural swimming pool.


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