Alex Comrie

Landscape Director

Over the last 20 years as a landscape architect Alex has been fortunate to design and project managed a number of exciting and influential projects. This experience has given him an opportunity to work with a range of talented professionals and clients, producing inspiring designs which exceed the project brief.

He is passionate about the use of quality, enduring materials, supported by robust suitable detailing. Alex champions innovation and wherever possible tries to explore new ways of bettering the status quo; striving for design excellence and has a holistic approach to design encouraging the use of art within the public realm.

Alex has a extensive education experience and is a strong believer that access to quality green space can improve both physical and mental health and that in turn can have a positive impact of people’s ability to learn and develop as well as the obvious - provide attractive spaces / campuses. How students and staff use, access, and move around these green spaces can have a huge impact on the campus – personalities within and as a whole. Alex’s most recent work with the University of Reading and Kingston University London demonstrates this.

Over a two-year period Alex developed and designed the new public realm for the external spaces within the heart of the Whiteknights Campus. This included the creation of two new quadrangle spaces, a new arrival space for the library and student union. Alex also worked as part of a design team for Kingston University as the landscape design lead in re-configuring and updating four existing residential campuses. 

Alex is a firm believer in our online tool Greenkeeper, which from an education perspective can highlight how education establishments could assess, design and manage their external environments to maximise benefits such as improved mental health, higher productivity and happier students, whilst also having a wider impact on the town/city and environment.

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