3 Bridgewater Road - Mixed-Use

The proposal is a sustainable form of development that will optimise the use of previously developed land, located within a Housing Zone. It therefore, through substantial contribution towards housing and employment needs, delivers an appropriate form of development that is supported by national, regional and local planning policy.

The development has been carefully considered alongside both the existing and emerging local context. The scale, mass and elevational treatment of the proposal responds to the existing low rise residential houses to the north as well as the proposed substantial developments to the south of the site.


In the absence of a clear contextual architectural narrative the aim of the proposal is to exhibit architectural quality which responds to the site's transitioning context, creates a welcoming environment and has a positive impact on the users of the building. There is a clear design objective to provide simple geometry, robust materials, modest material palette and attention to detail. The interest across the facades adds visual richness and depth to the building in materials that are durable and longlasting.

Project Details

  • 124 homes
  • 1,800sqm commercial space
  • £37 million project budget