Borough Green Garden Village

Borough Green Gardens (BGG) is a strategic site allocation in the Green Belt and part AONB, within the emerging Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council (TMBC) Local Plan.

The site is being brought forward through a partnership approach with a consortium of six local landowners and is delivered on some 150 hectares of land, much of which includes former and active quarried and landfill sites. The site will deliver a new transformational garden community providing in the region of 3,000 new homes.

BGG also facilitates the delivery of a much-needed (and long-aspired) relief road to Borough Green to significantly reduce traffic disruption and air quality and noise issues in the local area. It also delivers a full range of facilities and infrastructure including education, retail, health, commercial and significant open/play space provision. These aspects of the scheme are essential to support such a large-scale community.


Project Details

  • c. 3,000 units
  • c. 150 hectares
  • New relief road
  • Primary education and community facilities
  • Employment provision
  • Significant areas of open space
  • BGG was recently awarded Garden Village status/funding