Cramlington/Arcot Development

This exciting development is located eight miles north of Newcastle and, as well as 1,600 new homes, it will include a new local centre comprising of a pub, a care home, sheltered housing for older people, a community centre and a health centre. The site will also incorporate a new primary school.

Project Details

Key features of the scheme include:

  • 1,600 dwellings
  • A primary school
  • A pub
  • A care home and sheltered housing for older people
  • A community centre and a health centre

As one of the largest residential-led planning applications in the north east in recent years, the vision is to create a sustainable urban extension that is enjoyable, pleasant and safe. Arcot is the final quadrant to be realised when the original vision for Cramlington New Town was envisaged, which was first established in the 1960s. The plans will help to support its development as one of the most sustainable and accessible towns in Northumberland with carefully thought out design and much better transport connectivity.

The Master Plan proposals will see the culmination of a 30-year process, finally realising the development of Cramlington New Town's South West sector.

Care has been taken to integrate the development with its surroundings and to ensure locally sympathetic design that respects the nearby Arcot Hall and the ecological SSSI through the landscape and drainage strategy.

The development was based originally on the ethos of a Garden Town and so this has formed the basis for the design concept for the new South West sector. Since the mid-1960s, Cramlington has been planned and developed as a successful major growth point for new housing and industry. It is testament to the success of New Towns and Garden Cities as a concept. 

Work began on the South East Sector in 1964 and was completed by the early seventies when attention turned to the North East Sector. This in turn is now virtually complete and most of the land within the designated industrial sector is fully occupied. The South West Sector, the subject of this application, remains largely undeveloped.

The South West Sector is expected to eventually accommodate approximately 3,000 dwellings (including schemes from other housebuilders) extending over some 274 acres of land with an eventual population of some 6,000 people when fully developed.