DHL, East Midlands Airport

With a complex brief – creating a multi-functional space that accommodates everyone from younger employees working in the call centre, to corporate clients and staff working in the warehouse – our aim for DHL’s largest UK site was to create an engaging and stimulating space that is attractive to employees and caters for a complex range of functions.

Project Details

The cargo terminal at East Midlands Airport is DHL’s largest UK site.

  • DHL’s largest UK site
  • Multi-functional space
  • 85,000 sqm extension to DHL’s Cargo Terminal

As part of this 85,000 sqm extension to DHL’s Cargo Terminal, new and original office spaces are connected by a new double-height staff canteen area for dining and socialising, surrounded by smaller coffee shops for informal meetings. Overlooking the open, expansive canteen space is a ‘think tank’ – a glass room for employees to share new and creative ideas.

Using subtle elements of DHL’s branding running throughout the space, super-graphics in place of posters and intelligent colour-coded signage helps employees navigate the space.