Gateshead BIG Regeneration

One of the UK’s largest residential regeneration programmes, Gateshead BIG consists of 19 sites across the borough to be redeveloped over a period of 15 years. The first phase of the development includes four different sites: Birtley Northside, a greenfield allocated housing site; Avon Street in Deckham, a small infill clearance site; and sites in Saltwell and Bensham, subject to a previous housing renewal scheme.

The project will stimulate local economies, introduce employment opportunities and add value to the surrounding properties, bringing Gateshead's communities closer together. The scheme has achieved early success in the form of a ‘Public and Private Partnership Award’ from the Local Government Chronicle for its high levels of community involvement; commitment to using local suppliers and sustainability credentials. 

Project Details

  • One of the UK's largest regeneration programmes
  • 19 sites
  • The redevelopment will take place over 15 years


The applications sought to clear old housing stock where needed and replace it with new innovative designs that would set a precedent for higher quality design in the area. The proposals sought to rotate properties ninety degrees to create small pockets of greenspace for communal use in an otherwise dense urban area, together with providing individual gardens and off-street parking to move away from rows of on-street parking and small rear yards.

The development also sought to introduce a new hierarchy of streets with traffic calming and landscaping to naturally reduce speeds in the area to 20 mph, providing both on- and off-street parking.

This application has provided excellent experience in dealing with regeneration sites with complicated design challenges and creating attractive new schemes aimed at having wider impacts on the surrounding area.