As Veolia expands its operations across the UK, we have been working closely with them to develop Waste and Energy from Waste facilities. The Merseyside Materials Recovery Facility has been designed to provide an iconic, exemplar facility that will raise recycling awareness, helping to meet waste targets of various Merseyside Boroughs.

The 80,000 sqft facility comprises a main process area for sorting 100,000 tonnes per annum of dry kerb side recyclable material. Alongside this comprehensive welfare facilities, offices and an education facility will provide opportunities for school parties to view recycling in action from an internal perimeter viewing gallery.


As part of a feasibility study, we looked particularly closely at the opportunities for an ‘In-Vessel’ Composting facility, adjacent to the MRF to treat future kerb side green waste, exploring various technologies and configurations but this aspect of the project wasn’t retained in the final proposals. The facility is now complete and functioning, following our retention by Veolia as executive architects, throughout the design and build construction process.

“Waste facilities are not typically the home of rich architectural design, instead usually becoming a product of their function, in the he heart of industrial areas. But, by using a variation in shapes and materials, these buildings are more than a simple shed structure, enriching the aesthetics in line with client values.”

Romy Panesar, Designer