Hammersmith Town Hall - Population and Human Health

The Development Economics team have an established track record in the preparation of both Socio-Economic and Population and Human Health chapters of Environmental Statements and are considered to be ‘competent experts’ as per the requirements of the 2017 EIA Regulations.

The team assessed the likely effects of the demolition of buildings including the Town Hall Extension and 181 - 187 King Street, and the redevelopment of the area to provide four new blocks comprising 204 dwellings and non-residential uses including Class A1 Retail, A3 Restaurants/ cafĂ© use, Class D2 cinema and Class B1 offices. The assessment considered the likely significant effects of the Development during both the construction and the operational phases in terms.

The study concluded that the overall effects were for mostly beneficial, and where any negative effects were identified these could be mitigated such that the residual effect were negligible.

Project considerations

  • Construction phase employment generation
  • Changes in population numbers and structure once the Development is operational
  • Changes in levels of local expenditure following completion
  • Changes in employment opportunities following completion
  • Demands on primary healthcare and on primary and secondary education infrastructure once operational
  • Changes in levels of open space provision
  • Wider human health effect