Kilnwood Vale, Mixed Use Neighbourhood

Our team have delivered a new mixed-use neighbourhood accommodating over 2,500 homes.

Designing at all scales, our hybrid application and strategic design code for these proposals on the edge of Crawley, also provided new access from the A264 and a diverse neighbourhood centre delivering retail, education, employment, a railway station and energy hub.

Our architecture team took cues from the ambition of Crawley as a new town and the arts and crafts aesthetic of the original planned new towns and suburbs of the south east. The West Sussex vernacular shares some common building forms and materials palette with the arts and crafts style, enabling us to connect the neighbourhood with its wider locality. The rural connections of this site were only further reinforced by the desire and resultant inclusion of an equestrian route through the site, in addition to cycle and walking routes.

Project Details

  • Strategic design code
  • Equestrian, walking and cycle routes
  • Materials palette reflects the arts and crafts style
  • 2500 homes