Newnham Park, New Community

Having advised the owners of Aspects for the last 15 years, our architecture and planning teams were most recently commissioned to consider its future and the contribution residential development could make to reinvigorate it.

Located on the River Great Ouse, the site of the former Newnham Priory (Scheduled Monument) and with strong existing connectivity, it was quickly clear that this site had many assets to deliver a great residential opportunity, which would in turn deliver a strengthened local community to use the leisure park itself.

Working closely with Historic England, we ensured the layout references the Priory, whilst still maximising coverage, river and nearby Fenlake Meadow views. Setting the residential blocks back from the river will open up the area, enhancing accessibility and completing the existing riverside walk. Meanwhile building flexibility into the wider retail park and a comprehensive cladding refresh allows us to architecturally unite these two very different elements and begin to build a place of the future.

Project Details

  • Extends the riverside walk – accessible and useable
  • Modernise and update existing leisure facilities
  • Site on Scheduled Monument ‘Newnham Priory’
  • 128 homes