Redevelopment of Wisley Airfield Climate Change and Health and Wellbeing

Following a successful tendering process back in 2020, our Sustainable Value team have been supporting the planning application for the provision of 1,870 homes at the Former Wisley Airfield, Guildford on behalf of Taylor Wimpey. The site has a contentious history owing to a former high-profile refused appeal and the Sustainable Value team has worked closely with Taylor Wimpey to ensure that the green credentials of the Development are effectively communicated with the public and Council.

This has included a Climate Change Environmental Statement (ES) Chapter which covers both climate change resilience (the influence of the climate on the development) and mitigation (the influence of the development on the climate) and included detailed assessments of the development’s credentials. The Chapter included an assessment of the carbon sequestration potential of the site pre and post development, drawing upon biodiversity net gain calculations.

A Health and Wellbeing Strategy was also prepared that re-emphasised how the development will facilitate healthy living and go above ‘best-practice’ and regulatory standards through things such as additional open space provision.    

Taylor Wimpey has stated that this is one of its ‘flagship’ sites and the development has been ambitious throughout, such as a reduction in total regulated carbon dioxide emissions of c. 60% over the Building Regulations Part L 2013, far beyond the policy compliant position of 20%, as well as biodiversity net gain increase of c. 50%. 

The application is expected to be submitted in 2022.

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