Scottish Planner Magazine

Since 2014, we have designed and art directed the Scottish Royal Town Planning Institute Magazine, Scottish Planner.

This quarterly magazine has given the team creative license to produce a range of bespoke handcrafted covers complementing its strong visual identity. The Scottish Planner stands out from other industry magazines through its eye-catching design and different and thought-provoking covers. The bold, unique and ambitious design provokes attention and successfully communicates vital issues and topics relating to Scottish planning to a wide audience. By ambitiously using diverse materials and media, the boundaries of art direction are always being pushed to create scenes and artwork which captivate.


Although the RTPI has a strong existing brand, each region has its own identity, reflected through each region’s magazine. It was vital that the magazine could sit alongside other RTPI branded material and blend in, whilst being distinctive enough to hold its own identity. This was achieved by using modern elements of the colour palette and selecting the right typefaces in order to reflect the existing brand, whilst modernising it and giving the Scottish Planner its own unique identity.