Shoreham Renewable Energy Facility

The Shoreham electricity generation plant is a flagship scheme for Edgeley Green Power (EGP), an emerging specialist energy company.

EGP proposes to build a renewable electricity generating facility on the Fishergate terminal at Shoreham Port. The facility will have an output of 32 MW and will be fuelled by a variety of inedible vegetable oils.

Project Details

  • Renewable energy facility with an output of 32 MW, fuelled by a variety of inedible vegetable oils
  • Public engagement was key to success.

Facing a very active environmental movement against biofuels for power generation, public engagement was key to success. To assist with engagement we developed communications which clearly, openly and honestly presented the situation, i.e. the proposed fuels, where they will be sourced and how they are a genuine renewable energy-generating alternative. We then targeted local and neighbouring MPs to the scheme, as well as local ward members and the leader and deputy leader of Adur District Council. This approach has proved successful with positive responses from targeted MPs, along with a strong positive response from local authorities affected.